About the Shape Shift Blog

The shape of the world is shifting.

It is constantly shifting but never more so than now. This is evident in health care, education, finance, communities, technology, organizations and other systems that have become vital to how we function today.

We can be passive recipients of the impact of these shifts in the world or we can become active participants in shaping the future of the systems, organizations and communities that we feel passionate about – that are near and dear to our hearts.

For this work to be successful, it requires some level of
transformation of self, the way we show up individually and collectively,
how we interact together and how we think about the work to
be done.

It requires clarity of purpose and intentionality of
action to guide our steps.  Are you ready?

6 thoughts on “About the Shape Shift Blog

  1. Discovered your blog and website through an Art of Hosting email… and simply wanted to offer my appreciation of this energy and wisdom you are carrying…and sharing.

    Thank you.

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